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J League
Groundhopping: Shonan Bellemare's BMW Stadium
12:00 Friday 15th June 2018

With not much else to do in deep Kanagawa on a Friday night, I took a long train to the beachy Hiratsuka for some exciting domestic cup action at the BMW Stadium. It was actually my girlfriend who suggested going to the game. She works in Hiratsuka,…

Groundhopping: An Evening in Kashiwa
19:00 Tuesday 20th March 2018

Groundhopping in Japan is just as fun as it sounds. Your Suica card can take you far and wide across the bountiful country and to many football stadia. The grounds are in great supply and with the season back until the end of the year, it’s…

Groundhopping: Saitama Stadium 2002
13:00 Saturday 6th January 2018

My last adventure to the Ajinomoto was nice, but international football just didn’t offer the same level of excitement that I’m accustomed to with the club game. Since moving to Japan, I’ve undoubtedly picked a side to follow…

Visiting the Ajinomoto Stadium
16:00 Wednesday 27th December 2017

The EAFF E-1 Championship, if the name alone doesn’t get you excited – I’m not sure what will. Okay, okay, this minor tournament might not be the pinnacle of footballing prowess but still an evening of entertainment. My ticket…

This Is My Club
Visiting the Emirates: Arsenal vs. Doncaster Rovers
09:15 Thursday 28th September 2017

A rare evening out in North London, watching my beloved Arsenal football club. But how does the Emirates compare to the other stadia I've visited? First of all, this article is somewhat different to other articles I've written of this nature.…

League Two
Visiting the Proact stadium – Chesterfield F.C. vs. Coventry City
16:00 Monday 4th September 2017

With little to do over international break and having last Saturday off work, I took to the Proact Stadium for entertainment. The bountiful riches of the South Yorkshire/East Midlands divide and their local football team could only offer me…

Visiting the Stadio San Paolo
14:02 Tuesday 16th May 2017

I recently took a vacation to the exciting Italian city of Naples, home to Pizza, Limoncello and of course SSC Napoli. With the team playing at home during my time in Campania, it seemed only fitting to visit 1990 world cup venue, the Stadio…