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MLS Grab Bag, Week 5: Your refs are blinder than mine
13:00 Friday 30th March 2018

Welcome to the 2018 season’s fifth edition of MLS Grab Bag. Each Friday we’ll review midweek news, preview key weekend matches, and explore other interesting developments. Throwing a changeup This week also marks Opening Day for…

European Football
Equal time: 6 compelling reasons to embrace VAR technology
10:00 Friday 19th January 2018

It can come as a real shock to some when others resist the technologies that make life easier. It's been that way throughout human history. It was dourly predicted television would hamper social and intellectual development. Others…

The rise of Bibiana Steinhaus
17:41 Wednesday 23rd August 2017

Bibiana Steinhaus is set to make history. The Bundesliga appointing a female official clearly indicates gender equality is gaining more ground in the game. Steinhaus has become a celebrity since the DFB referee commission announced her promotion…

Who Wants To Be A Match Official? Beuller? Beuller? Beuller?
08:30 Wednesday 22nd March 2017

While examining Gareth Southgate's unique selection headache as England manager, I came across an interesting statistic. According to Economics of Sport, England is among the easiest places to get a game, having more football clubs per capita…

Referee Watch: The refs football regrets losing
11:00 Sunday 19th February 2017

With Mark Clattenburg set to leave the Premier League for a lucrative career in Saudi Arabia; English football is losing it's number one FIFA recognised official. Losing referees doesn't sound like a bad thing but, when you consider who's no…

"The Final Insult": Howard Webb and The Prisoner of Stamford Bridge
11:57 Tuesday 7th February 2012

Pundits love to laud Manchester United with comeback credit "they never know when they are beaten" "they must score...they ALWAYS score", and if they don't score then they have Howard Webb's Wizardry. Webb has awarded close to 20% of his penalties…

Match Report: Bolton 5-0 Stoke (Stoke Fan's Perspective)
04:55 Monday 7th November 2011

Before today's game, Stoke have lost all three Premier League games after mid-week European games, while Bolton have lost all of their home games so far this season. In any case one series would have been ended today or the two of them.Stoke…