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Equal Time: Why La Liga are smart to stage matches in US
09:00 Monday 20th August 2018

The universe is expanding but the world’s shrinking. I’m not quite sure how that works. I do know the latter part upsets many football fans. Supporters at big clubs tend to think size matters. They revel in their team’s global…

Other Tournaments
Why the World Cup is strangling the ICC
17:00 Tuesday 24th July 2018

The World Cup was a blast. Every nation gave it their all, most in a more positive manner than we've seen in recent tournaments. While France was celebrating its triumph on July 15th, most clubs in western Europe had already opened their…

European Football
The New Frontier - Less About Pre-Season Training, more About new Markets and New Markets
13:30 Wednesday 27th July 2016

For the best sides in England, the pre season tour has become less about getting the players ready to play football again but about conquering new foreign markets.Gone are the days where the likes of Manchester United would play against a side…