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Why UEFA can't separate football from politics
08:00 Monday 5th July 2021

Keeping politics out of football seems sensible when you are dealing with a diverse group of nations. The problem is that when you support diversity and inclusion and many of those nations do not, catering to them is self-defeating. For instance,…

England National Team
It's Coming Home: Can England win EURO 2020?
09:01 Sunday 13th June 2021

Heartbreak in 1996 will be forever etched in English memories. Gareth Southgate bravely offered to take a spot-kick in the pressure-cooker of a major semi-final. Unfortunately, he'd miss, sending Germany on their way to glory. Fast-forward…

World Cup
Comparing England's Class of 2018 with the 1990 World Cup team
12:30 Wednesday 11th July 2018

As the England team prepare themselves for their World Cup semifinal with Croatia, the hype at home has reached fever pitch. This tournament was all about building confidence and gaining experience with a very young squad. Gareth Southgate’s…

World Cup
World Cup: Why Jordan Henderson is so important to England?
19:00 Tuesday 10th July 2018

It's coming home. England are through to the World Cup semifinal where they will face Croatia. Three Lions cynics are looking for something new to complain about after 38 years of reliable targets. Youth and inexperience have done…