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J League
Kyoto Sanga choose experience for 2020
19:01 Monday 20th January 2020

Kyoto, the former capital city which governed Japan for over a thousand years until 1868, fondly remembers such imperial heady days with civic pride. The sporting fans in the locality reminisce the early 90s when Kyoto Sanga was relevant…

J League
Is the Emperor's Cup enough for Iniesta and Kobe?
17:00 Saturday 21st December 2019

Andres Iniesta didn’t just play Spanish or European football at the highest level. He mastered it at dizzy heights unknown to most. Sixteen complete seasons mustered nineteen honours from across both Spanish and European…

J League
Fernando Torres: World Cup winner to Japanese benchwarmer
15:00 Thursday 30th May 2019

Fernando Torres recollects the glory days in a Spanish national shirt, winning the World Cup as well as two European Championships with the national team. The J.League should be an extension and rejuvenation process for the striker who has…

Asked how they replace David Villa, NYCFC say you don't
17:00 Friday 8th February 2019

It's patently unfair to view any team that fails to dominate its league as not fully committed to their project. When you examine New York City FC, however, it's too easy to reach that conclusion. The franchise was born with a silver…

J League
J2 and the Gauntlet of Hate
09:00 Wednesday 21st November 2018

Football bureaucracy is terrible, isn’t it? Procedural hindrances plague Japan’s football system like you wouldn’t believe. J2 took a body blow goal to its autonomy at season's end, this year. Let us file the paperwork…

J League
Rakuten, Referees and the Rising Nagoya
17:00 Sunday 9th September 2018

Andres Iniesta settled his family in Japan. No further mid-season excursions will occur. The Barcelona legend embedded himself at Vissel Kobe. In the month's first two home games, he made the score sheet against Jubilo Iwata and Sanfrecce…

J League
Spanish Postcards: J.League Review
17:00 Thursday 9th August 2018

Waiting for the new season? Why? In Japan, we started up a few days after the World Cup. We’re barely over the halfway point, with 19 of 34 matchdays played. It’s been a crazy old month with plenty of matches to report…

J League
In Yokohama, there is a stadium that has divided a city
17:00 Monday 9th July 2018

The greatest battles are internal. Derbies define us. Whose colours do we wear? Whose banner do we fly? Who are we proud to stand with? For what do we stand? In this manner, the Emperor’s Cup fits the same criteria as the FA Cup. A famous…

J League
J1 League mid-point review
08:00 Sunday 24th June 2018

With the J.League's top tier currently on hold for the World Cup. there's no better time to step back and analyze the fine football radiating from the land of the rising sun.  With 15 out of 34 matchdays already taken place, the…

J League
Groundhopping: Shonan Bellemare's BMW Stadium
12:00 Friday 15th June 2018

With not much else to do in deep Kanagawa on a Friday night, I took a long train to the beachy Hiratsuka for some exciting domestic cup action at the BMW Stadium. It was actually my girlfriend who suggested going to the game. She works in Hiratsuka,…

J League
Social Justice Purveyor: Jay Bothroyd
19:00 Thursday 7th June 2018

Yeah. I couldn’t believe it either. I remember watching my first ever match in Japan. Sanfrecce Hiroshima took on Jubilo Iwata, who was at that point home to Jay Bothroyd. I watched a frail away team crumble as they lost 3-0, but I did…

J League
Iniesta to Kobe: The Best Thing to Happen to Japanese Football
09:00 Friday 25th May 2018

This isn’t just any random old player turning up in an exotic league. This is Andreas Iniesta from FC Barcelona. This is a legend of the Nou Camp. The man whose personal stats page boasts 653 appearances, 65 goals, 108 assists and a ridiculous…

J League
Football Appreciation in Japan
15:00 Friday 18th May 2018

Having lived in the land of the Rising Sun for some seven months now, I feel I can document the glory and oddities which are bestowed to this nation’s football following. The idea of football is still a relatively new mainstream concept.…

J League
Kyoto to Kazan - The J.League players who could be off to the World Cup
13:00 Monday 14th May 2018

Milos Degenek - Australia There are few better examples of a third-culture kid in the J.League. Milos was born in Croatia to Serbian parents; who later moved the family to Sydney, Australia. At youth level, he first represented the Socceroos…

J League
Kanagawa Classic: Yokohama F. Marinos vs. Shonan Bellmare
20:00 Thursday 19th April 2018

The people of Kanagawa are a lucky bunch. The big port city of Yokohama on their doorstep and the beachy surroundings of rural Shonan. They’ve even got Kawasaki who won the league last year, but that’s another story. To get to the…