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Where does Jack Grealish's future lie?
11:00 Saturday 30th March 2019

Jack Grealish may not be long for hometown club Aston Villa. Several Premier League clubs appear set to fight over him this summer. The 23-year-old has injected life into Villa’s promotion bid this season. He faces a difficult decision…

David Cotterill triggered by Jack Grealish assault
09:00 Tuesday 12th March 2019

Newton’s Three Laws of Motion are more universal than you might realise. Beyond physical movement, they also apply to emotions. For those of you who didn’t pay attention in physics class, the Three Laws are: 1. Every object persists…

3 possible replacements to correct Arsenal’s Aaron Ramsey mistake
08:00 Thursday 13th December 2018

Arsenal will lose one of its best midfielders with no compensation when the curtain falls on the 2018-19 season. Alright, you can debate his status but there’s no disputing Aaron Ramsey is the longest-serving player in the Arsenal team.…

Why Jack Grealish's failed Tottenham move is a blessing in disguise
12:00 Thursday 13th September 2018

Over the past few months, Jack Grealish would have been a frustrated man. It was clear he wanted to join Tottenham, they too were interested in his services but failed to agree a fair transfer fee with Championship side Aston Villa.  It's…

5 Championship players ready to grace the Premier League
15:00 Sunday 24th June 2018

There is often doubt surrounding the quality available in the Championship. However, many English second division players have worked hard to earn an opportunity in the Premier League. Such talents have the quality to make the step up.…

England U20 Squad: The Premier League will be to blame if the talent is squandered
18:16 Monday 12th June 2017

England U20 Squad won the World Cup final on Sunday in South Korea. But the talent in the squad will likely be squandered once more and the Premier League is where the blame will lie. The England U20 Squad lifted the World Cup trophy on Sunday,…

A players attitude is just as important as their ability
12:30 Thursday 27th April 2017

To be a top (top) footballer on the biggest stage you have to possess bags of ability, however, it's often the case that a players attitude and application gives them the cutting edge they need. Especially when it comes round to team selection.…

Germany are not the solution to England's many problems
12:00 Thursday 23rd March 2017

England u21s are set to face their German counterparts. The contrasting squads show the differing footballing philosophies, and yet it would still be unwise to copy the European superpower.

Give Jack Grealish a break
15:22 Monday 18th May 2015

“Sometimes you only need to see a player once” The year was 1971 and Irish manager John Giles has made a journey over to London to see a promising Dubliner line out at Highbury.The Republic of Ireland have an upcoming fixture with the Soviet…