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Premier League
Has Jose Mourinho caught Arsense Wenger's lost boy syndrome?
15:00 Monday 30th July 2018

JM Barrie, the Victorian-era Scottish writer who gave us Peter Pan, was a cricket fan. Even so, his Neverland dynamic is not unlike a football club. Captain Hook is the tough, grizzled manager too likely to argue about added time. Naturally,…

Premier League
Jack Wilshere set to leave Arsenal: 6 possible destinations
17:30 Thursday 21st June 2018

Jack Wilshere's 17-year stay at Arsenal will terminate once his contract expires at the end of June. After holding talks with new boss Unai Emery, the English midfielder confirmed his decision via Instagram three days ago.  With that,…

Premier League
Three Arsenal players who should leave with Arsene Wenger in the summer
09:00 Saturday 21st April 2018

The day is finally upon us. Arsene Wenger has announced he will not be Arsenal manager next season. As a Gooner, I can proudly declare today, the 20th of April, our Independence Day. Someone play La Marseillaise. After close…

Premier League
EFL Cup final: 5 big questions for Arsene Wenger
09:00 Sunday 25th February 2018

Manchester City stands in Arsene Wenger's path on his quest for EFL Cup glory. To finally win the competition, the Frenchman must outdo Pep Guardiola in every possible way. Tactics, team selection, shenanigans, even dress pattern.…

England National Team
Is Gareth Southgate's England better than Roy Hodgson's last World Cup side?
14:00 Friday 12th January 2018

Four years ago in Brazil England produced its worst performance at a World Cup. Finishing bottom of a group including Costa Rica, Uruguay, and Italy, the Three Lions only point was a goalless draw in the dead rubber fixture with group…

Premier League
West Ham 0-0 Arsenal: What we learned
09:00 Thursday 14th December 2017

There’s nothing more exciting than a London derby. Especially when it involves two entertaining teams like West Ham United and Arsenal. Yes, I just said that a David Moyes-led Hammers side is entertaining. In their second derby in four…

England National Team
Jack Wilshere Q&A session ends before it begins
17:38 Wednesday 11th May 2016

Somewhere, a social media manager is seriously considering his position following after an #AskJackWilshere Q&A session ends a lot earlier than originally planned, by about a full day! We've seen several of these Question and Answers sessions…

England National Team
England Now Resemble Three Whimpering Lions
08:24 Tuesday 11th March 2014

As an international entity, England have begun a gradual and alarming slide away from being within the World's best to nothing more than an ugly show pony staggering from game to game.  The current story of international football in our country…

Club Vs Country
11:03 Tuesday 12th July 2011

Following England's abrupt exit from the Under 21 championships last month the debate rages on; what comes first: Club or Country?In my honest opinion this is an easy question, the pride that must be felt from representing your country, especially…