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Premier League
Why Billy Gilmour has probably heard Gerry Rafferty
08:01 Sunday 4th July 2021

There’s a saying: Big money equals big problems. Anyone with a capitalist bent will laugh at that but it’s true. Think about all the grief UEFA’s top clubs faced when they attempted to do as they wished with their assets.…

Is Lionel Messi on the precipice?
08:00 Friday 4th June 2021

At the climax of the original Die Hard, villain Hans Gruber dangles over the edge of Nakatomi Tower as hero John McClane attempts to pry loose his grip on wife Holly’s wrist. Desperately hanging on, Gruber pulls a concealed weapon from…

Champions League
Why you shouldn't blame American owners for the European Super League
08:00 Friday 30th April 2021

Having been on a year-long hiatus from blogging, you can imagine my groan when news of the European Super League broke just as I was excitedly preparing to return. While no hand was raised in anger and no shot fired, the rebellion against the…