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Is Lionel Messi on the precipice?
08:00 Friday 4th June 2021

At the climax of the original Die Hard, villain Hans Gruber dangles over the edge of Nakatomi Tower as hero John McClane attempts to pry loose his grip on wife Holly’s wrist. Desperately hanging on, Gruber pulls a concealed weapon from…

Should Barcelona have hired Marcelino?
08:00 Tuesday 4th June 2019

A civil war is threatening to break out in Barcelona. However, it’s not a political one this time. The reason is Ernesto Valverde. Blaugrana's fans and management have polarizing viewpoints on the Spaniard, mainly due to…

Champions League
Are Barcelona, PSG destabilising transfer market with tug-of-war?
12:00 Wednesday 30th January 2019

Football rivalries often derive from unforeseen circumstances. Take Barcelona’s cold war with Paris Saint-Germain. They weren't rivals until their sensational Champions League tie two seasons ago. La Remontada humiliated PSG's…

What should Barcelona do with Ousmane Dembele?
18:00 Sunday 13th May 2018

Barcelona is in a total dilemma as regards Ousmane Dembele. Persistent injuries and the impending arrival of Antoine Griezmann could spell fewer minutes for their one-time record buy. “We will decide what to do at the end of the season,”…

Barcelona are responsible for their own predicament
18:00 Tuesday 25th July 2017

When Barcelona took home the Club World Championship trophy in 2009, their name was etched in history as one of the greatest teams of all time by winning six trophies in just one season. It was not just about the victory, but the graceful way…

Wolverhampton Wanderers could be Premier League bound next season
14:16 Monday 24th July 2017

It appears that, in terms of their status in the league, Wolverhampton Wanderers have refused to move forward. After enduring a turbulent three seasons which commenced with demotion from the Premier League in 2012, the last two campaigns have…