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Premier League
PSG defeat exposes Manchester United
09:00 Monday 18th February 2019

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s high-flying Manchester United fell to earth on a cold Tuesday night. The Red Devils received a stern reality check from Paris Saint-Germain. Despite missing Neymar and Edinson Cavani, the Ligue 1 leaders outwitted…

Should Chelsea move for Isco?
09:00 Thursday 6th December 2018

Isco Alcaron moves with the ball like a ballerina. The ball is always glued to the Real Madrid midfielder's feet. He has been an undeniable success at the Santiago Bernabeu following a big-money move from Malaga in 2013. He has been a crucial…

Premier League
Can Jose Mourinho's Lethal Substitutions Redeem Manchester United's Season?
08:00 Friday 16th November 2018

Manchester United’s season has been a peculiar ride. The Red Devils pulled off unexpected results and failed to dominate when expected. When it comes to Jose Mourinho's charges, one isn't sure what to expect anymore. Mourinho’s…

Premier League
Juan Mata: Disrespected by club and country?
15:00 Thursday 15th November 2018

Ah, Juan Mata... I'll never forget the day when he arrived at Manchester United's AON Training Complex via private helicopter, donning the suavest of suave suits, getting ready to call Old Trafford his new home. Perhaps that's the…

Are Mourinho and Manchester United judged too harshly after the Juventus defeat?
08:00 Friday 26th October 2018

When Manchester United walked onto the pitch at Stamford Bridge on Saturday many expected to see an outfit rejuvenated by an extraordinary Newcastle United comeback but nonetheless a team that would eventually succumb to the growing momentum…

Premier League
Could Mourinho ever play against type?
08:00 Tuesday 9th October 2018

This is an exercise in futility. When Jose Mourinho reviews the final 20 minutes from the Newcastle match, he won’t think maybe, just maybe, Jurgen Klopp and Pep Guardiola are onto something and he has the talent in-house to experiment…

Premier League
5 Manchester United players who must up their game
09:00 Monday 1st October 2018

Things aren't well at Manchester United. The Red Devils cling to a top half place in the Premier League, already nine points behind the leaders. The frustrating cycle of inconsistency continues. The squad loses points at regular intervals.…

Premier League
Juan Mata to FC Barcelona: A match made in heaven?
09:00 Sunday 24th June 2018

Ah, Juan Mata. What a player. What a man. From his on-field brilliance to his outstanding work with Common Goal, everyone loves themselves a little bit o' Juan every now and then. The Old Trafford faithful adore their little Spaniard.…

World Cup
Top 10 Premier League players snubbed for the World Cup
09:00 Friday 1st June 2018

The World Cup is very much around the corner. Some nations are still deliberating over which players merit selection. Others, such as England, France and Spain, have already locked in their 23-man squads.    Every footballer dreams…

Premier League
The sad reality of the future of Juan Mata at Manchester United
12:00 Sunday 13th May 2018

Manchester United midfielder Juan Mata has an uncertain future this summer. The 30-year-old enters the last year of his current deal at Old Trafford and has no guarantee of a starting place next season. Ever since making the surprise switch…

Premier League
Who are the most intelligent footballers in the Premier League?
12:00 Sunday 1st April 2018

The tag ‘footballer’ often comes with the unintelligent stereotype; that some players don’t warrant. While it makes sense to follow your footballing career rather than pursuing other interests, some Premier League players…

Premier League
Juan Mata: The mastermind behind Manchester United's comeback victory
12:00 Tuesday 6th March 2018

Everbody across the footballing universe loves them some Juan Mata. The Spaniard goes above and beyond to give something back to folks who are far less privileged than most; just Google 'Common Goal' and you'll understand what I…

Premier League
Apples and oranges for Manchester United against Huddersfield
08:00 Sunday 4th February 2018

It should have been, although it wasn't quite obvious beforehand, that Manchester United and Huddersfield Town are different as apples and oranges. United is second from top in the Premier League and, at the conclusion of affairs,…

Premier League
Equal Time: Alexis Sanchez to Manchester United: Who loses?
11:05 Sunday 21st January 2018

In this game, there are winners and losers. With every transfer, other players will benefit and suffer. Henrikh Mkhitaryan for Alexis Sanchez is no different.  Jose Mourinho has swooped in for his man. Mkhitaryan gains…

Premier League
Is laughter the best medicine for Manchester United?
14:30 Tuesday 2nd January 2018

Although the New Year began brightly enough, it wasn’t a joyous holiday season for Manchester United. December’s end brought a run of three consecutive Premier League draws and embarrassing elimination from the EFL Cup to Championship…