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Big summer ahead for in-revolution Atletico Madrid
09:00 Friday 17th May 2019

Clubs and managers approach transfer windows in different ways. Some prefer to splash the cash and use the opportunity to heavily reinforce their squad, while others only move when they must. This summer, Atletico Madrid fall into…

Champions League
The best XI to never win the Champions League
10:00 Wednesday 14th February 2018

With the Champions League's return to action on Tuesday night, most are asking which players could win the trophy for their sides. Manchester United's chief talents include Paul Pogba and Alexis Sanchez; City possess immense quality…

Five footballers who can negotiate pre-contracts in January
13:00 Monday 27th November 2017

I know it sounds too good to be true but there are several high-profile players who are in the last year of their current contract. Halfway through the last year of one’s contract, footballers are allowed to start negotiating with other…

The potential free agents of next summer
12:00 Monday 11th September 2017

This summer transfer window was an exciting one, but next years could take our breath away due to some huge names becoming free agents - if they don't agree a new deal before then, of course. As it is known by all in the football world, a contract…

European Championships
Combined European Championship XI
16:14 Friday 27th May 2016

The European Championships in France are just two weeks away and fans and players are gearing up for a summer packed with the unpredictability of knock-out football. With the goals, saves and outrageous decisions will come glory and despair.…