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Neil McDonald: Humble Man
17:56 Wednesday 17th June 2015

Blackpool FC's fall from Premier League glamour in 2010/11 to League One obscurity five years later is to many the consequence of blinkeredness and a Kafkaesque environment where only the wrong are right. The 2nd June appointment of new manager,…

Old McDonald had a farm - Neil unveiled as Blackpool boss
11:04 Wednesday 3rd June 2015

Where do I begin with Blackpool? Having rose from lower league obscurity to the Premier League, they have rapidly descended back to lower league obscurity. In a situation 100 times worse than that of Newcastle United, is there any way back…

This Is My Club
Will 8 be the magic number for Blackpool?
13:03 Tuesday 15th July 2014

There have been a number of articles written this week about the goings-on, or lack of, on the Fylde Coast, Jack Critchley shares his thoughts on the goings on Blackpool and there less than swelling ranks. It wasn't long ago that Blackpool…

This Is My Club
Blackpool - The Golden Mile of disappointment...
13:09 Tuesday 8th April 2014

At this present time, it's unclear which division Blackpool will start the 2014/15 season in. Yes, they are six points clear of the dreaded dropzone, but (and it is a big but...) they are in the poorest form out of any of their relegation threatened…