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12 abandoned Football League grounds
17:30 Friday 31st January 2020

The UK’s football landscape changed markedly in recent decades and not just in cultural terms. The money, media hype and pampered players all turned the game into more of a television show than a sport but the most striking…

England National Team
Match Preview of Hull City vs Cheslea
17:20 Friday 10th January 2014

Chelsea fan Martin Li previews Chelsea's away trip to Hull, a side who have only been beaten at home by Crystal Palace and Manchester United this season. An in-form Chelsea travel to Hull's KC Stadium on Saturday 11th January for the Premier…

Football Takeovers: Guaranteed Success Or Just Unneeded Intervention?
11:08 Wednesday 29th June 2011

Financial plight, potential profit and a passion to be involved in the “beautiful game” are just some of the reasons why investors may choose to takeover at a football club. The news of a clubs possible takeover bid usually brings with it an…