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Five things we miss about old school football
14:28 Thursday 18th February 2021

We’ve all seen those stickers and banners bemoaning the state of modern football. Old-timers might nod along, remembering their day when football was somehow better. But was the beautiful game somehow superior before the advent of round-the-clock…

Funny Old Football's Bizarre Traditions
18:45 Sunday 19th February 2017

Football has often been described as a funny old game and, quite frankly, it can get a bit bizarre at times. There are so many traditions and weird rules enforced that the sport wouldn't make much sense if you explained it to someone whose…

The Best Worst Football Kits
12:26 Thursday 1st March 2012

I think the idea to make a book about the worst football kits came from a conversation between me and my good friend Jamie. The novel thought was that we'd write it ourselves, but we both knew we probably wouldn't. For starters, we couldn't…