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Can good friends Ajax help Barcelona out of another jam?
09:01 Thursday 23rd January 2020

When Rinus Michels brought Total Football to Barcelona in the 1970s, it began a beautiful friendship. Johan Cruijff eventually followed his mentor to the Nou Camp. The legendary Dutch midfielder played in Blaugrana stripes, won titles as the…

Is Barcelona suffering from revisionist history?
12:00 Thursday 28th March 2019

To the victor goes the spoils, it’s said. The conqueror writes history. If the conquest is sufficiently supreme, he doesn’t even need to put pen to paper. The conquered will [mistakenly] remember that life was always as it was under…

Premier League
Should Southampton be venerated for its transfer policy?
09:00 Monday 12th February 2018

Southampton lost to Liverpool on the weekend. In a process that took years, it essentially amounted to the club beating itself. The Reds are often looked upon as the Saints' first team; the club has sold so many players to the Anfield…

England National Team
Transfer window to close before the Premier League season opener: good or bad?
12:00 Tuesday 12th September 2017

Managers and players may say yes, agents certainly say no. But it's not as bad as they think. Deadline day would then turn into a precursor for the season: a curtain raiser. Of course, we're talking about the recent news that'll see the Premier…

Chelsea 2-0 Everton: 5 talking points
19:37 Sunday 27th August 2017

With a Chelsea 2-0 Everton scoreline, victory came too easily for the champions under a glowing midday sun.  After a bright start to their season, the Toffees have much to lament as they leave Stamford Bridge empty-handed. Here are five talking…

Premier League
Everton, Manchester City: Big spenders, big rewards?
10:00 Saturday 12th August 2017

To twist the old saying, money talks and blue shirts walk. Everton and Manchester City are big spenders in this transfer window. Will they reap big rewards? The battle of the Blue Teams in the North West. Chelsea has tried to join the battle…

It's time to give ref baiters the red card
12:30 Tuesday 17th January 2017

There's a familiar lament in the air, typical for the time of year, though it's got nothing to do with festive over-indulgence. Every season, and particularly around the turn of the year, there's a cacophony of complaint about the standard…