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Premier League
Huddersfield Town show us how to live
17:30 Thursday 10th May 2018

Life is precious. To fight for it is the noblest undertaking that exists. Sir Alex Ferguson is a prime example. On the last Sunday in April, he stood on the pitch at Old Trafford, smiling, full of life, and made a final gesture of peace to…

You can't blame Huddersfield Town for trying
12:00 Saturday 8th July 2017

In the past fortnight, newly promoted Huddersfield Town have broken their club-record transfer on three separate occasions. They are the bookies' favourite to be relegated. Many supporters see the club as destined to be doomed. Still, you can't…

Premier League
Three kinds of Premier League clubs: the relegation zone
17:41 Monday 26th June 2017

As noted in the first of this three-part series, there's a new t-shirt making the rounds. It says "there are two kinds of people in the world: those who can extrapolate data." If you don't get the joke, you're going to need a mirror. There…