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Rest Of The World
On the Day of the Dead, you've stumbled across the Curse of the Super Leader
15:00 Wednesday 31st October 2018

Can we agree topping the league seems the easiest way to determine the best team over the course of a season? Not so much in Mexico. Finishing first is rarely the champion's path there. Instead, it's a curse. La Dia de Muertos seems…

Premier League
Roberto Alvarado: Who is Manchester United’s latest rumoured target?
15:00 Wednesday 12th September 2018

Anyone who has seen just one iota of Manchester United this season knows the team need to improve on two areas urgently: a centre-back and a right-winger. As it generally happens with big European teams, a plethora of names have been linked…

What do you mean there is more than one Champions League?
20:30 Wednesday 11th April 2018

Tuesday was a vintage evening for UEFA Champions League football. Jurgen Klopp and Liverpool brought tragedy in so many different threes to Manchester City. Third loss in a row for the Sky Blues. First time a rival has beaten Mourinho three…

MLS Grab Bag, Week 3: League tears down Trump's wall
14:00 Friday 16th March 2018

Welcome to the 2018 season’s third edition of MLS Grab Bag. Each Friday we’ll review midweek news, preview key weekend matches, and explore other interesting developments. Tear down the wall The USSF has been slow to act on the…

King of Leon?
04:55 Monday 15th January 2018

One thing football fans tend not to understand is the player who goes his own way.  Landon Donovan has long been such an enigma. On the pitch he was quick, deadly, and never apt to do exactly what was expected. Off the pitch, he was…

Chivas switch mascot from goat to Grinch for holiday
17:00 Friday 22nd December 2017

Wait a minute, sir /You kind of hurt my feelings/ You see me as a sweet back-loaded puppet /And you’ve got meal ticket taste. Because everything is connected in our brave new world, Alanis Morissette’s lyric fits center…

Rest Of The World
Rebound in Liga MX: Enner Valencia
17:00 Saturday 29th July 2017

The Ecuadorian forward, Enner Valencia, has returned to Liga MX with Tigres UANL after a turbulent time in the Premier League. He scored a hat-trick in his first game back in Mexico, but why didn't it work for him in England and why does he…