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Luis Alberto: Liverpool castoff, Lazio superstar
09:01 Tuesday 7th January 2020

Barring an epic collapse even by their standards, Liverpool will finally lift the Premier League trophy this year. In large part, the Reds' recent success is due to shrewd transfer policy, moulding lesser-known talents into…

Premier League
Unsuccessful affair: What does the future hold for Watford's Isaac Success?
17:00 Tuesday 10th July 2018

Isaac Success was only 20 when Watford smashed its transfer record to acquire his services. Forget modern-day football's increased prices, the deal simply implied the Hornets sensed some ripe traits beyond his youth. Two years on, name…

Football in the shadows: Why Espanyol, Malaga can't wait on La Liga's season to end
09:00 Sunday 20th May 2018

You couldn’t ask for a more undesirable fixture than the one I witnessed last Sunday.  Circumstances, politics and the footballing stars had aligned to render Espanyol v Malaga a thoroughly pointless prospect, devoid of any kind…

The rise and fall of Malaga
17:00 Monday 8th January 2018

No set of football fans have endured quite as big a roller coaster ride over the last few years as Malagauista's have with the Andalusian side going from a Segunda club, to the heights of the Champions League and they now look…

Real Madrid 3-2 Malaga: 3 talking points
15:30 Sunday 26th November 2017

Before the game, Real Madrid was, surprisingly, ten points behind rampant Barcelona in the La Liga standings. The defending Spanish champions desperately needed a win. The odds were in their favour, as Los Blancos have only lost one game against…

Isco - The journey from obscurity to prominence
17:00 Thursday 21st September 2017

Francisco Roman Alarcon Suarez commonly addressed as Isco is having a swell time at the moment. Finding the net, providing assists, teasing his opponents for fun, controlling the game which takes his full attention when a ball is at his feet.…

Nacho Monreal: the unsung hero of Arsenal's resurgence.
18:13 Friday 7th October 2016

After a rocky and very unpleasant start to his life at Arsenal, Nacho Monreal has fast become one of Wenger's most important players. In the almost four years he's been at the club he has progressed in leaps and bounds into one of the most…

European Football
Is A European Super League Around The Corner?
14:00 Friday 20th September 2013

With multi million pound profits being made and record signings across Europe James Meredith ponders the prospect of what is on the horizon for European football. It is clear that football in the top leagues around Europe appear to be immune…

In the Rose Garden Malaga's dream is in full bloom
01:41 Thursday 21st July 2011

In a climate that celebrates and criticises football's billionaire owners in equal measure, it is surprising that one piece of Middle Eastern millionaire treatment has so far slipped under the radar of an English footballing public focused…

Big spending Malaga
21:21 Sunday 19th June 2011

When you think of La Liga, we are accustomed to thinking Barcelona, Real Madrid, Valencia and Villarreal, like you would think Chelsea, Man United and Arsenal in the Premier League. But there is a shrewd mover in La liga, a side who will be…