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Managerial News
Equal Time: Pochettino doesn't need trophy for job security
09:00 Friday 18th January 2019

Only one team among the Premier League top six hasn’t won a trophy in the past ten years: Mauricio Pochettino’s Tottenham Hotspur. To be fair, it's only been his team for half that time but given the short shelf life of Premier…

Managerial News
12 Days of Football 2018: Eight Managers Managing
08:00 Saturday 29th December 2018

On the 8th Day of Football, UEFA gave to me Eight Managers Managing Seven Sides-a-Sinking, Six Games Amazing, FIVE GOLDEN GOALS, Four Calls Blown, Three French Clubs, Two title races and Pep Guardiola's Manchester City Welcome to It's…

Managerial News
Is Mark Hughes' position at Southampton under pressure ?
08:00 Saturday 1st September 2018

 Mark Hughes is among the seven winless managers after three Premier League games. His Southampton side drew against Burnley to start the campaign then lost 2-1 to both Everton and Leicester. On points, only West Ham are worse, but the…

Managerial News
Maurizio Sarri needs time to transform Chelsea
09:00 Sunday 12th August 2018

Maurizio Sarri can be forgiven for looking like a fish out of water when Manchester City tore apart his Chelsea team in the Community Shield. The Italian had no answers to Pep Guardiola's well-oiled machine. Chelsea were beaten fair…

Managerial News
Why do we ask whether a manager knows what it takes to win at this level?
17:00 Wednesday 8th August 2018

If you know your KFC, which is Kentucky Fried Chicken not Kensington Football Club, Colonel Sanders boasted a secret recipe comprising “a belnd of 11 herbs and spices.” Similarly, it’s a football manager’s job to…

Jesse Marsch hopes Red Bull Leipzig gives him wings
15:00 Sunday 22nd July 2018

Choosing to devote my full attention to the World Cup or keep abreast of events in Major League Soccer is like asking whether I would prefer chocolate ice cream or lima beans. Only an insane person or a vegan would opt for the latter. Okay,…

Managerial News
Maurizio Sarri takes over at Chelsea, but how will the squad adapt?
17:00 Sunday 15th July 2018

Maurizio Sarri has finally been unveiled as Chelsea’s new manager, replacing Antonio Conte. The club embarrassed the outgoing Italian, who had fought them in the press over transfer policy, by having him open the Blues' pre-season…

Managerial News
How Antonio Conte's departure impacts Chelsea’s transfer activity
09:00 Friday 13th July 2018

A new Premier League season is less than a month away. As you’d expect, Premier League clubs are falling over themselves trying to make the right recruitments. Meanwhile, Chelsea is only just getting on the act. The Blues recently cut…

Managerial News
Where should Arsene Wenger head next?
09:00 Wednesday 20th June 2018

The greatest Arsenal manager in footballing history is at a career crossroads. The Frenchman has been continuously employed as a coach since 1981, overseeing a grand total of 1,464 matches (ManagerMarkt). Since being replaced by Unai Emery,…

Managerial News
Why Chelsea shouldn't hire Maurizio Sarri
08:00 Saturday 26th May 2018

On paper, Chelsea and Maurizio Sarri seem a match made in heaven. Far too long, Stamford Bridge has been starved of entertaining, high-octane football. Are the Blues, though, prepared to meet the requisite by trading accolades for pleasure?…

Managerial News
Unai Emery for the Emirates: a new Arsenal era begins
17:00 Thursday 24th May 2018

In a press conference filled with reporters baying for blood, Unai Emery officially became the new Arsenal manager. He has at least one trait in common with his predecessor. He doesn't smile often. Unless you google 'Unai Emery happy',…

Managerial News
What next for Chris Coleman after Sunderland humiliation?
17:00 Tuesday 22nd May 2018

Chris Coleman cut his managerial teeth by leading Fulham to a ninth-place finish in the 2003/04 Premier League campaign. Unfortunately for the Welshman, that remains his biggest achievement in club management. Stints at Real Sociedad, Coventry…

Managerial News
Is Mikel Arteta the man to take Arsenal forward?
15:00 Thursday 17th May 2018

Arsene Wenger’s long-anticipated but still surprising departure from Arsenal football club has sent shockwaves across football. Only when someone leaves can you fully comprehend how big an influence they truly were. For 1,235 games, the…

Managerial News
Is Carlo Ancelotti primed to manage Chelsea again?
12:00 Monday 14th May 2018

They say, that in football, that you never go back. Carlo Ancelotti, the great Italian manager that has won three Champions League titles is still out of work after being sacked by Bayern Munich back in September 2017. He has been linked to…

Managerial News
3 former Arsenal players who could succeed Arsene Wenger
16:00 Friday 11th May 2018

Friday 20 April was a normal day until news broke that Arsene Wenger had decided to leave Arsenal at the season's end. The Frenchman's journey has been full of ebbs and flows, drama and disappointment, with some truly magical moments…

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