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Why Max Allegri should top every managerial shortlist
15:00 Monday 20th May 2019

Massimiliano Allegri is a careful man. Everything that he does is meticulously planned, pored over and executed with a precision that precludes spontaneity. Thorough planning and attention to detail is a trait common among Italian managers.…

Manchester City's Title Dashed But We're Looking To Next Season Already
16:53 Wednesday 11th April 2012

There have been many football matches that have been designated ‘the biggest' or ‘the most important'. Originally, this article was going to make the case for the Manchester derby at the Etihad stadium on the 30th April being the biggest Manchester…

Can British Football Ride The Wave Of European Cheating Culture?
12:45 Thursday 19th January 2012

What's in a wave? Sometimes joyful (hello), often sad (goodbye), always irritating (Mexican), downright infuriating (imaginary card at a referee). A wide range of emotions, but judging by the amount of column inches generated by Messrs Rooney…

Mancini Can Handle It
22:40 Thursday 13th October 2011

The way in which Manchester City manager Roberto Mancini has handled the Carlos Tevez affair has come as no surprise to me and proves his credentials as a world class manager.The incident in Munich has been on the cards for a while for Tevez…

Week 3 roundup
22:12 Monday 29th August 2011

In the words of some very wise (and very quick) Manchester United fans, I'd 8 2 be an Arsenal fan right now. I pointed out in my last post that my prediction of 2-0 Man Utd was very conservative and that it could indeed be much worse for Arsenal.…