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By the book: What if there was no offside below the 18-yard-box?
17:00 Thursday 1st November 2018

FIFA is the ultimate governor for all business surrounding organised football. Between the white lines is a different story. IFAB sets the rules of the game. FIFA sits on the International Football Association Board. They wield exactly half…

Youth Scout
Taking Marco van Basten seriously
15:24 Tuesday 31st January 2017

Opening minds in this day and age is even more difficult than unlocking a defense with ten men behind the ball. Those who fear globalization and climate legislation may force uncertain change in their lives are gaining political power, threatening…

Has Marco Van Basten been watching too much hockey?
14:45 Monday 30th January 2017

In recent weeks Mr Van Basten, the FIFA Technical Director, has put forward a number of proposals to improve the game we all love. Strangely, his proposals are extremely similar to the current game of field hockey, the second most popular sport…