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Who Wants To Be A Match Official? Beuller? Beuller? Beuller?
08:30 Wednesday 22nd March 2017

While examining Gareth Southgate's unique selection headache as England manager, I came across an interesting statistic. According to Economics of Sport, England is among the easiest places to get a game, having more football clubs per capita…

Give Premier League Officials The Tools They Need And Until You Do, Give Them A Break
09:30 Thursday 9th March 2017

Twice in two days, now, I have found myself disagreeing with fellow Round and White authors. The first occasion was mostly semantic. Jordan Street believes Tyrone Mings fully intended to mash Zlatan Ibrahimović's brains to a pulp in the clash…

Referee Watch: The refs football regrets losing
11:00 Sunday 19th February 2017

With Mark Clattenburg set to leave the Premier League for a lucrative career in Saudi Arabia; English football is losing it's number one FIFA recognised official. Losing referees doesn't sound like a bad thing but, when you consider who's no…

Are we right to hound referees?
18:00 Tuesday 24th January 2017

The quality of refereeing in England's top leagues was again brought into question this weekend with a number of high profile incidents and decisions. Pundits on Match Of The Day, Sky Sports and even Howard Webb on BT Sport joined in on the…

Referees Repeatedly Ruining Bolton's Already Slim Chances
20:23 Saturday 3rd December 2011
By Rob

When your central defender is sent off after 20 minutes, you know you're going to be up against it. And when the red card is not really deserved you also think it's probably a little bit unfair. However, when you have a defender sent off inside…

Terrible performance and dreadful refereeing adds to Bolton's woes
00:34 Monday 26th September 2011
By Rob

Bolton Wanderers have suffered an abysmal start to the season with just a single win to smile about after six games. And in seeing the side play live for the first time this season at the Emirates Stadium on Saturday, it was painfully easy…