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Premier League
Luke Shaw has been bullied by Jose Mourinho
09:30 Wednesday 21st March 2018

For a young player, there are so many situations that can damage their confidence. Poor form, poor luck, people doubting your quality. The most traumatic is when the manager subjects the youngster to public humiliation. When done…

Premier League
Equal Time: It’s Southampton’s worst season since 1994 but next 5 fixtures provide hope
09:30 Thursday 15th February 2018

Southampton suffered a 2-0 defeat home to Liverpool on the weekend, leaving Mauricio Pellegrino's side in the unsaintly position that is the final relegation place. One point adrift of safety with 11 games remaining, Pellegrino,…

Manchester United's Next Six: Predicting The Future
15:00 Thursday 31st August 2017

Manchester United are the talk of the Premier League. Jose Mourinho's side remain the only unbeaten team in the top flight. But what happens next? We've all done it. Admit it. We scour the fixture lists, bite our upper lip, and try to predict…

Footballing Heroes - Who are the player's players?
13:30 Tuesday 15th August 2017

Choosing one player to admire is like trying to pick which of your children you love the most; it's just not possible. However, the professionals tend to learn their trade by closely observing their idols and emulating their playing style -…

Southampton's sacking of Claude Puel, harsh but justified
19:56 Thursday 15th June 2017

Southampton's decision to axe Claude Puel after just one season appears harsh from a football sense, but in reality, was inevitable. Though there were a couple high points illuminated by flashes of his incredible tactical ingenuity, however,…

Premier League players: We won't see anything like them again
10:00 Friday 5th May 2017

The Premier League has seen some of the best and worst players of all time but it's safe to say that, in some cases, we'll never see their like again. Week in, week out; we are treated to some superb showings from great players and awful performances…

Can Southampton end their 41-year trophy drought?
19:00 Saturday 25th February 2017

Sunday afternoon will mark a momentous occasion for the players and supporters of Southampton as they prepare to take on Manchester United in the EFL Cup final. Saints are aiming to win their first major honour since lifting the FA Cup in 1976…

Things We All Hate About Soccer Saturday
13:00 Wednesday 22nd February 2017

Soccer Saturday is an essential part of supporting a football club in England and without it, we would still be relying on the SkySports app for our score updates; the modern equivalent to Teletext. However, the programme is starting to get…