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Premier League
Raheem Sterling penalty shout v Tottenham reveals important VAR misconception
08:00 Tuesday 4th February 2020

Before the fact, critics opposed to implementing Video-Assisted Review in the Premier League predicted the process would destroy the ‘fabric of the game’. While it’s difficult to argue that the time taken to review decisions…

Aston Villa v Birmingham: Anatomy of a Derby
08:00 Sunday 25th November 2018

Every season tells a new story. Sometimes it's the same tale with different characters, a bit like Baz Luhrman's Romeo and Juliet with a gangsta culture backdrop. People remember when Rafael Benitez took the reins at Chelsea, outraging…

Premier League
The ''Golden Solution'' is for the Premier League and FA to care about officiating
08:00 Friday 5th January 2018

A harsh call cost Arsene Wenger three points against cellar dwellers West Brom the other day. He ranted. He raved. It's Round & It's White colleague Michael Jones offered support. I have no sympathy for the Frenchman. Michael considered…

Premier League
The golden solution to refereeing woes?
08:30 Thursday 4th January 2018

Everyone has seen the minute-long video of perennial lime-light stealer Mike Dean. Flamboyance saturates. Arrogance suffuses. There is even a point where he appears to celebrate a goal. In truth, his self-regard is such he is…

Give Premier League Officials The Tools They Need And Until You Do, Give Them A Break
09:30 Thursday 9th March 2017

Twice in two days, now, I have found myself disagreeing with fellow Round and White authors. The first occasion was mostly semantic. Jordan Street believes Tyrone Mings fully intended to mash Zlatan Ibrahimović's brains to a pulp in the clash…

Refereeing in the Premier League, has it hit rock bottom?
13:10 Wednesday 8th March 2017

We never seem to go through a Premier League weekend without a dubious refereeing decision or a missed incident from one of the officials. This leaves pundits and fans alike scratching their heads or worse, furious with rage. Last weekend proved…

Are we right to hound referees?
18:00 Tuesday 24th January 2017

The quality of refereeing in England's top leagues was again brought into question this weekend with a number of high profile incidents and decisions. Pundits on Match Of The Day, Sky Sports and even Howard Webb on BT Sport joined in on the…

A numerical defence of British refs
12:27 Tuesday 24th January 2017

Premier League referees have come under an increasing amount of scrutiny this season, with myriad examples of their supposed inadequacies circulating the media. Mike Dean has been the highest profile to be targetted by this new wave of attacks…

Television Match Officials - are they now a necessity?
12:30 Friday 6th January 2017

The 2013/14 season saw the introduction of goal-line technology. Which is designed to help referees and linesmen alike with those critical decisions which ultimately determine the outcome of a match; There have been so many times we've seen…

Premier League
Mike Dean is the embodiment of how bad refereeing in the Premier League is today
15:30 Tuesday 3rd January 2017

Last night we witnessed a modern day travesty, we saw first-hand what happens when an individual allows the power to get to their head. Mike Dean, notoriously known as one of the most bias officials in the country, single-handedly changed the…

12 stats from Matchday 12 of the Premier League
00:25 Wednesday 23rd November 2016

The excitement and suspense of the Premier League were at its peak last weekend, which witnessed an incredible 20 goals being scored from 10 games – averaging two per game.  Here are 12 biggest stats from Matchday 12 with the help of Opta stats.…

Premier League
Eight amazing stats from matchday 8 of the Premier League
11:53 Tuesday 18th October 2016

The Premier League finally returned to our screens after an absolutely boring international break. It was definitely an outstanding weekend for the London clubs with Arsenal, Chelsea, and West Ham all securing vital wins. However, the same…

Match Report: Newcastle 0-3 Chelsea (Newcastle Fan's Perspective)
12:09 Monday 5th December 2011

It was a strange occasion at St. James' Park. The planned tribute for a Newcastle legend that sadly passed away almost a week ago was graciously put on hold by the club, at the wishes of Gary Speed's wife. Newcastle fans honoured a former fans…