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Premier League
Sympathy for Andreas Pereira
12:01 Monday 3rd February 2020

Manchester United fans question Paul Pogba’s commitment to the club. They abhor Anthony Martial’s work rate or the alleged lack thereof. Dedication and graft are two traits they demand from any player who pulls on the red strip…

Premier League
Searching for Michael Carrick
09:00 Wednesday 22nd January 2020

A Geordie, a Norwegian, an Irishman and a fat, bald Lancastrian regularly attend Premier League matches as a group. They chat together, analysing each match as it progresses. When their emotions get the best of them, the Norwegian, Irishman…

Premier League
Manchester United's risky backroom reshuffle with familiar faces could bring consequences
15:00 Friday 3rd May 2019

Damage control isn’t Ed Woodward’s forte. To divert attention from Manchester United's sloppy run, he’s making moves to get positivity back into the club. However, in aiming to please the fans, he might be putting the…

Premier League
Solskjaer proves Lukaku and Rashford can play together
15:00 Saturday 9th March 2019

In his initial days as Manchester United manager, Ole Gunnar Solskjaer preferred a front three of Jesse Lingard, Anthony Martial and Marcus Rashford. They were mobile, direct and free-flowing. Alexis Sanchez and Romelu Lukaku could only…

European Football
The 12 Days of Football: Seven sides-a-sinking
08:00 Friday 29th December 2017

On the seventh day of football, UEFA gave to me seven sides-a-sinking/Six games amazing Five Golden Goals! Four calls blown/Three French clubs/Two title races/ and Antonio Conte and a back three. Welcome to the seventh installment in It's…

New Premier League managers' school report
09:00 Monday 5th June 2017

The 2016-17 season was tipped to be perhaps the most fiercely competitive in recent history. Instead, a runaway leader that showed little sign of slipping up emerged: Antonio Conte's Chelsea. An influx of  new Premier League managers had fueled…

Why they were relegated – the story of Hull, Boro and Sunderland
13:00 Sunday 21st May 2017

Every British team aspires to play in the Premier League. The reason is not far-fetched; it's the most glamorous and lucrative league in the world. For this reason, getting relegated from the Premier League is not an option for most English…

Marco Silva silently announcing himself to English football
13:30 Friday 7th April 2017

When Marco Silva first arrived at Hull City in January, the consensus was the Portuguese had been extremely lucky to be given a chance to manage in the Premier League. Three months later, Hull will be fortunate to hang on to him. Hull looked…

The Sack Race: Have Premier League clubs been fair to managers this season?
12:00 Saturday 18th March 2017

Usually, one of the jobs with the worst job security in the world is that of a Premier League manager, unless you're Arsene Wenger, though. This year, the number of Premier League managers being shown the door is rising by the day – this trend…

Premier League
Hull City: Selling their way to relegation?
13:14 Friday 27th January 2017

Hull City are on the verge of selling Robert Snodgrass. Are the tigers abandoning their hopes of survival in an attempt to scrape some money together? While much of the media attention will focus on the glitz and the glamour of the title-chasing…

Premier League
British managers have best job security in Europe.
16:15 Friday 13th January 2017

British clubs are among the most patient in keeping with their manager, a new UEFA study has shown. It's surprising, wth four managers having already lost their jobs in the Premier League season, one would assume England's top tier is the most…

Premier League
Introducing new Hull City manager Marco Silva
17:30 Monday 9th January 2017

After less than three months in charge, Mike Phelan was sacked by Hull City last week and replaced just two days later by young Portuguese manager, Marco Silva. So who is Silva and can he ensure Hull's survival in the Premier League this season?…

Why the four Premier League managers sacked this season deserved to lose their jobs
15:30 Wednesday 4th January 2017

While some teams are singing victory songs week in, week out, some others can't seem to get their feet off the ground no matter how hard they try; in a bid to avoid wearing long faces come May, proactive steps has been taken by the board of…

Premier League
Hull City owners blame Phelan for their failings
11:30 Wednesday 4th January 2017

  You have to wonder if Ehab Allam and Bob Goodlatte are Facebook friends. The former is the Vice-Chairman for Hull City AFC, the latter a Congressman from Virginia. In case you are uncertain, as I was, the Congressman's name is pronounced…

The Expendables, Eight
16:45 Tuesday 29th November 2016

The Premier League's early doors have closed. With every club having played thirteen matches, we have officially entered the campaign's middle third. Usually by this time, teams have sorted themselves. One typically emerges as a front-runner…