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Premier League
Why Paul Pogba is an open and shut case
08:01 Tuesday 15th June 2021

France invade Germany this evening in a bit of irony that may titillate history buffs but is without doubt the marquee match of the entire group stage for any fan who speaks a language other than English. Regardless, Anglos with a thick northern…

Premier League
Can Solskjaer combine Pogba and Bruno?
12:00 Monday 24th February 2020

Despite struggling in recent years, Manchester United still expect two things: to challenge for the Premier League title and attack. To compound internal issues, the two clubs who now consistently meet those expectations are their bitterest…

Premier League
Paul Pogba at Manchester United: Success or failure?
09:00 Tuesday 9th July 2019

And so it is about to end. Paul Pogba's time at Manchester United draws to a conclusion. If there's one word to define the Frenchman's three-year tenure at Old Trafford, it must be eventful. The 26-year-old has ticked every…

Have agents ruined football?
09:00 Monday 9th July 2018

For many years, the business of football was relatively modest. Players were well paid at top clubs, but most teams run by local business people. Marketing didn’t go much further than the advertising hoardings surrounding the…

Premier League
Manchester United's Anthony Martial has the good sense to let his agent do the talking
12:00 Tuesday 19th June 2018

Every football talent worth his salt has a good agent. Most hire one to whom they can relate. Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho employs Jorge Mendes, who is to football players and managers what Bob Baffert is to Kentucky Derby and Triple…

Premier League
The most hated man in football
10:00 Wednesday 17th January 2018

My colleague Harry Mail recently posted (pun intended) an article titled “Are rich owners ruining football?” There are three possible answers to his question: I don’t know; I haven’t seen them play. Yes. No, at least…

Has Marco Verratti suddenly become much more available?
14:45 Thursday 20th July 2017

There's a young Italian of just 24 years of age over in Paris who controls central midfield like a seasoned veteran with sheer class on the ball and a surprising bite to his tackles. Marco Verratti has established himself as a top class player…

Analysing Donnarumma's New Contract
12:30 Wednesday 5th July 2017

Gianluigi Donnarumma just earned himself a €6 million salary with AC Milan. Was it a good deal for both parties? Can Donnarumma live up to his price tag? Let's look at the specifics. Mega SalaryWith this new contract, Donnarumma will become…

Did Gianluigi Donnarumma stab Milan in the back or save his career?
10:30 Monday 26th June 2017

AC Milan for many years has been one of the biggest and most prestigious clubs in Europe. However, in recent years, the Rossoneri have been enduring a downward spiral; so much so, a move to play for the once great AC Milan can now be seen as…