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European Football
Why UEFA leagues should steer clear of wage caps
12:00 Saturday 2nd June 2018

If sport is a microcosm of life why do American competitions embrace socialism while football in Europe is ruthlessly capitalist? There’s no promotion or relegation in the NBA, NFL, NHL, and MLB. On the business side, owners act in concert…

Premier League
The ''Golden Solution'' is for the Premier League and FA to care about officiating
08:00 Friday 5th January 2018

A harsh call cost Arsene Wenger three points against cellar dwellers West Brom the other day. He ranted. He raved. It's Round & It's White colleague Michael Jones offered support. I have no sympathy for the Frenchman. Michael considered…

Major League Soccer opening day: What if you threw a party and nobody came?
18:30 Thursday 2nd March 2017

Joseph Haydn isn't a player from Rapid Wien or RB Salzburg whom your favorite MLS club signed this winter while you were distracted by Paris Saint-Germain knocking the stuffing out of Barcelona. He was an eighteenth century Austrian composer whose…