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Champions League
Should UEFA impose a ticket price ceiling?
17:30 Monday 27th November 2017

After yet another protest from Bayern fans on Wednesday, what will it take for UEFA to realise that ticket prices are an issue? First, it was at the Emirates where the fans boycotted the first five minutes of the match. The members of the Club…

Premier League
The Premier League TV money breakdown
13:30 Saturday 27th May 2017

When it comes to the Premier League TV money is a big deal to everybody. Especially if a club has just been promoted from the Championship. It is vital that a club has a big source of income each year as much of it is spent on expenditures…

Arsene Wenger: King of sustainable
09:00 Wednesday 26th April 2017

Arsene Wenger is the master in delivering success with sustainable foundations. Sustainability can best be defined as meeting the present generation's needs without compromising the future's. In financial terms, it's about balancing the books.…

Corporate FC. vs. Establishment Athletic – What has the Premier League become?
11:30 Sunday 16th April 2017

Money has played a part in football for years, but there's a point where the money becomes possibly too important to clubs and the “football club” element diminishes to a point, where all you can see is the suit men driving merchandise sales.…

Radamel Falcao – The Man Who Will Not Move to China
15:45 Monday 16th January 2017

He rejected 3 offers whilst playing for Chelsea two seasons ago, from 3 different mega-loaded Chinese super clubs – and he has turned another one down this morning. Radamel Falcao is a man who values pride over money. Described as ‘the best…

RB Leipzig – Loved abroad but hated at home
09:40 Wednesday 11th January 2017

RB Leipzig are the surprise package in European football this season with comparisons already being drawn to Leicester City's unlikely triumph last campaign. Their rapid rise through the league system has drawn admirers from far and wide,…

Why Does Football Have Such A Bad Reputation Within Society?
18:31 Friday 20th January 2012

Footballers get paid too much, they're irresponsible with their money, they don't do enough to earn their wages, they're terrible role models, they're always caught committing adultery and never manage to fulfill the weight of expectation placed…

Managers in 'The Modern Game'
17:53 Wednesday 24th August 2011

A study of the relationship between football clubs and their managers As a young person spending the summer trying to make myself more employable, perhaps my thoughts should be totally focused on what exactly I am going to do for a living after…

In the Rose Garden Malaga's dream is in full bloom
01:41 Thursday 21st July 2011

In a climate that celebrates and criticises football's billionaire owners in equal measure, it is surprising that one piece of Middle Eastern millionaire treatment has so far slipped under the radar of an English footballing public focused…

The Price Isn't Right
13:35 Wednesday 20th July 2011

If a player no longer wants to play for a club it is surely only a matter of time before he moves on. Regardless of the stature of the player or the club, the fact that the player is no longer 100% committed is usually enough for fans and everyone…

Can't Buy Me Love (Or Hate)!
22:44 Monday 11th July 2011

There's a fine line between love and hate. But is the line between hate and complete apathy even finer?When is too much, well, just too much? When does the average football fan stop caring about the team they've has supported since a boy? Or…

To What Extent Is Money Killing The Beautiful Game
16:41 Sunday 10th July 2011

Whether it's watching your team play on a Saturday afternoon or having a kick about in your local park, everybody loves to see the beautiful game being played. However over the last few years it is becoming more and more common for big money…

Football Takeovers: Guaranteed Success Or Just Unneeded Intervention?
11:08 Wednesday 29th June 2011

Financial plight, potential profit and a passion to be involved in the “beautiful game” are just some of the reasons why investors may choose to takeover at a football club. The news of a clubs possible takeover bid usually brings with it an…

The Budget Cap?
10:29 Saturday 25th June 2011

£80 million for Ronaldo, £56 million for Kaka and Torres for £50 million. Not bad if you have the money but as we have seen not many clubs do. It is no longer the team with the best manager, the best tactics or organisation. It is the team…

Big spending Malaga
21:21 Sunday 19th June 2011

When you think of La Liga, we are accustomed to thinking Barcelona, Real Madrid, Valencia and Villarreal, like you would think Chelsea, Man United and Arsenal in the Premier League. But there is a shrewd mover in La liga, a side who will be…