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Can Tyler Adams fill the Demme void at RB Leipzig?
12:01 Friday 31st January 2020

Most observers believed Diego Demme was critical to RB Leipzig's title challenge. Then the Bundesliga club sold their defensive midfielder and vice-captain to Napoli in mid-season... However, on the flip side, this shows their faith and…

The 12 Days of Football: Twelve Dreamers Dreaming
08:00 Wednesday 3rd January 2018

On the 12th day of football, UEFA gave to me twelve dreamers dreaming, Eleven punters punting/Ten lads-a-leaping/Nine ladies playing, Eight managers managing/Seven sides-a-sinking/Six games amazing, Five Golden Goals!  Four calls…

European Football
The Bundesliga Wrap Up - Bayern stumble, RB Leipzig close the gap
11:29 Monday 7th November 2016

An intriguing week in Gameweek 10 as Bayern are caught at the top, our Bundesliga expert Mark Dannell even got more than half his tips correct! Hertha BSC vs Borussia Mönchengladbach - 3:0

The Bundesliga Preview - Gameweek 10, Bayern vs Nagelsmann
12:22 Friday 4th November 2016

Time flies, moving into Gameweek 10 already. There are still three unbeaten records, but our Bundesliga correspondent Mark Dannell thinks one will go this week. Hertha BSC vs Borussia Mönchengladbach