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Premier League
Manchester United's risky backroom reshuffle with familiar faces could bring consequences
15:00 Friday 3rd May 2019

Damage control isn’t Ed Woodward’s forte. To divert attention from Manchester United's sloppy run, he’s making moves to get positivity back into the club. However, in aiming to please the fans, he might be putting the…

What next for Vincent Kompany at Manchester City?
09:00 Saturday 24th March 2018

There is only one reason Manchester City captain Vincent Kompany is not rated alongside Nemanja Vidic, Tony Adams, and John Terry as legendary captains in the rearguard. It is not because he isn't as domineering. It's the injuries.…

This Is My Club
Players who should never have left Manchester United
10:30 Wednesday 26th July 2017

The transfer market can be very confusing at times. Players come and go as heroes, villains and even forgotten entities in some instances but some moves aren't always right for the professionals of the beautiful game.  Manchester United have…

Are Manchester United out of the title race?
23:00 Tuesday 17th January 2017

Manchester United legend Nemanja Vidic has spoken out over his former employer's title hopes and it's not good news for fans of the Serbian. Vidic believes United's chances of claiming the title are completely gone – apparently, 12 points is…

Premier League
How to repair Manchester United
10:05 Monday 21st April 2014

It is fair to say that Manchester United have endured a disappointing season under David Moyes. Approaching April they are languishing in seventh place, dozens of points worse off than they were 12 months ago. In that month, Sir Alex Ferguson…

European Football
Nemanja Vidic is a good signing for Inter, but his impact may not have the desired effect
10:56 Monday 10th March 2014

There has been big change in the city of Milan in the last couple of years, with cost cutting the order of the day for two teams traditionally filled with household names. It's taken its toll on Milan and Inter, with both teams further away…

Stoke and Basle prove that Vidic is more crucial to United than Rooney
01:15 Thursday 20th October 2011

As the season got underway and Wayne Rooney scored in five straight games, including consecutive hat-tricks, the football fraternity began to ask; much as it did two years ago, how would United cope if Rooney was struck by injury? Well, as…