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Should the Gold Cup and Copa America merge?
17:00 Tuesday 18th June 2019

Change comes to football slower than catsup travels from the bottle to the burger. VAR is your proof. When change finally arrives, however, it’s still like the catsup in that there tends to be far more of it than anyone intended or desired…

Rest Of The World
Oceania World Cup Qualifying: The Stretch Run
17:00 Monday 4th September 2017

Russia 2018 is only months away. Before the New Year, all 32 participants will be known. Here's how Oceania World Cup qualifying has panned out. Quick. Off the top of your head, name the Oceania Football Confederation members. If you don't…

Premier League
Can Chris Wood Produce For Burnley?
11:00 Wednesday 23rd August 2017

On 21st August 2017, Burnley FC signed Leeds United striker Chris Wood for a fee of around £15m. The New Zealand international signed a four-year contract at the club. But can he make a difference throughout this season during the Premier League…

A League
Anyone for a Kiwi Lionel Messi?
17:30 Tuesday 27th June 2017

Over the Confederations Cup coverage, especially in the games involving New Zealand, you may have heard the moniker “Kiwi Lionel Messi”. But who is this New Zealander likened to one of the world's best players? Born, Marco Rodrigo Rojas, the…

Confederations Cup
FIFA Confederations Cup 2017 - Opening day
15:27 Monday 19th June 2017

The FIFA Confederations Cup is upon us. The warm-up for the world cup. Whilst nowhere near as exciting as the real McCoy, this mini tournament will be an opportunity to observe good football. The primary day kicked off with Russia playing New…

Rest Of The World
All you need to know about the 2017 FIFA Confederations Cup
13:30 Wednesday 14th June 2017

Once again, the scourge of the FIFA Confederations Cup is upon us. The quadrennial tournament, which serves as a dress rehearsal for the World Cup, as always, promises to thrill soccer fans.    Here's a tip of what you must know ahead of the…

Chris Wood's Remarkable Rise Through English Football
17:39 Monday 17th April 2017

If you followed the English game in the late eighties and early nineties, you will remember Chris Woods. The well decorated goalkeeper won more than a dozen titles at club level, played 43 times for the Three Lions, and made a staggering 603…