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Next Goal Wins
12 Days of Football 2018: Five Golden Goals
08:00 Wednesday 26th December 2018

On the 5th Day of Football, UEFA gave to me FIVE GOLDEN GOALS, Four Calls Blown, Three French Clubs, Two title races and Pep Guardiola's Manchester City Welcome to It's Round and It's White's second annual year-end review. Getting…

MLS Conference semifinal hokey pokey: Pull your second leg out
15:27 Wednesday 8th November 2017

With one game oddly scheduled for last Thursday, the other three played out Sunday, MLS goes into the international break with its semifinal matchups set. Thursday, November 2nd Western Conference #2 Seattle Sounders  2 (2-0) 0  #3…

Atlanta United's first season mission: To boldly go where just one MLS debutante has gone before
15:30 Thursday 26th October 2017

Star Trek Discovery stars an underhanded captain. For its part, Atlanta United is open and direct. The MLS debutantes aim to advance to the MLS Cup. It's fair to say we live in dishonourable times. To garner votes, Brexit campaigners made false…

Dax McCarty, Chicago Fire represent validation/condemnation for NY Red Bulls
15:30 Wednesday 25th October 2017

In 2015, NY Red Bulls changed tack. Outsiders took key roles. Beloved faces were shown the door. Now, NYRB must face one, Dax McCarty, with its season at stake. Just once, wouldn't you like to see a sporting figure who is under the cosh for…

Premier League
Arsenal, Leicester make excellent case for Friday night football
09:30 Saturday 12th August 2017

When the Premier League season opens with a seven-goal thriller, even purists must find it difficult to argue against Friday night football. Some people don't like change. Everything in its place. And time. They believe you can get too much…

Next Goal Wins
Time and space: Football's critical optical illusion
10:00 Saturday 8th July 2017

To the naked eye, an empty football pitch appears massive. It doesn't look much smaller when occupied by 22 men battling for control over a single ball. Yet, there may be less time and space available to a footballer than any other athlete…

Next Goal Wins
The Hardy Park Irregulars
11:00 Sunday 26th March 2017

When his visa comes through, Bastian Schweinsteiger will be going to Chicago. That shouldn't be an issue unless Donald Trump chooses to insult Angela Merkel further. I've written--more than once--on the German's struggles to get a game at Manchester…

The Next Goal Wins Film Reminds Us That Winning Simply Isn't Everything For The Team Dubbed "The Worst Team On The Planet"
11:07 Wednesday 10th September 2014

Jack Kitson has put his feet upon the sofa, poured some Coke into the largest container he could find and has a bin-liner full of popcorn to review the football documentary Next Goal Wins, the story of how American Samoa picked themselves up…

Next Goal Wins
The Night A Clown Helped The Donkeys Beat The Thoroughbreds
00:00 Tuesday 15th October 2013

With England needing most probably a win against Poland at Wembley this Tuesday, memories flood back to when Poland last stood in the way of England and World Cup Qualification at Wembley.  Next Goal Wins travels back 40 years to the night…

Next Goal Wins
1981 - The Year Of Last Ever First Eleven? - Aston Villa Win The League Using Just 14 Players
20:46 Tuesday 17th September 2013

May 1981 saw Aston Villa win the League Championship for the first time in 71 years. Amazingly they used only 14 players throughout the whole season.  Making a mockery out of squad rotation, was this the last time we saw a genuine 1st XI? May…

Next Goal Wins
The Watney Cup - England's First Sponsored Cup Competition
13:12 Thursday 4th July 2013

Fresh from our summer break, Next Goal Wins takes a look back at 1970 and the Watney Cup England's first sponsored cup competition.   The Watney Mann Invitation Cup, affectionately and most commonly known as the Watney Cup was a cup competition…

European Football
Bayern Munich Tipped For Champions League Glory
12:10 Thursday 23rd May 2013

The Champions League Final takes centre stage on Saturday with fierce Bundesliga rivals, Borussia Dortmund and Bayern Munich locking horns in the confines of the magnificent Wembley Stadium in the competition's first ever all German final.…

Next Goal Wins
3 Years of Excuses and Its still Crap...ta-ra Fergie! - The story of the season behind the banner.
12:15 Thursday 9th May 2013

Season 1989/90. Manchester United were on a run of 8 games without a win and had already been humiliated 5-1 by arch rivals Manchester City. They were 15th and in their worst position since relegation in 1974. A tricky 3rd round tie against…

Rest Of The World
The Day A Team Died - The Gabon Air Disaster
20:45 Thursday 25th April 2013

On 27th April 1993, a military plane carrying the Zambian national football team crashed into the Atlantic Ocean shortly after take off killing all 30 people on board. This week Next Goal Wins looks back on the 20th Anniversary of the Gabon…

Next Goal Wins
Thatcher's Footballing Legacy
23:35 Monday 8th April 2013

On the day Margaret Thatcher dies, Next Goal Wins take a look back at her controversial and turbulent relationship with football during her time in office and debates her footballing legacy.. Margaret Thatcher courted controversy.  Wherever…