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MLS Cup: Why do they play the games?
19:01 Tuesday 29th October 2019

All five major team sports in America are governed by some form of wage control. Owners would have fans believe this gives franchises in smaller markets with fewer, less lucrative revenue streams a fair chance to win trophies, that salary caps…

How Paul Pogba proves the United States can win the World Cup
17:00 Friday 28th September 2018

People like to believe athleticism transcends individual sports. It’s not untrue. Athletes on both sides of the Atlantic have excelled at more than one sport. Ron Tindall played football for Chelsea, West Ham, Reading and Portsmouth from…

Where Herschel Walker and Kylian Mbappe meet
15:00 Sunday 12th August 2018

When I was a kid, we'd say things were the same but different. It shouldn’t, yet it made sense. Now, the grown-up me sometimes finds the vastly different footballs played in America and the rest of the world the same. Not too often,…

World Cup
Concussions at the World Cup: Where is FIFA's head at?
12:00 Thursday 28th June 2018

Here’s an embarrassing story about me.  When I was 11, I tried to emulate David Beckham by cutting stylish slits into my eyebrows. My effort was unsuccessful. The end result of my ill-fated attempt to mimic Mr Spice was, in…

World Cup
Can defence win a Championship in this World Cup?
09:00 Tuesday 26th June 2018

There's an old adage in American sports, particularly U.S. football, that defence wins championships. In recent years, the NFL has become a pass-heavy league, with quarterbacks posting better numbers than ever before. During February's…

European Football
Why UEFA leagues should steer clear of wage caps
12:00 Saturday 2nd June 2018

If sport is a microcosm of life why do American competitions embrace socialism while football in Europe is ruthlessly capitalist? There’s no promotion or relegation in the NBA, NFL, NHL, and MLB. On the business side, owners act in concert…

England National Team
Wembley Sale: For or against?
09:00 Saturday 28th April 2018

Shahid Khan wants to buy England's spiritual home. In a staggering £800 million deal, he has offered to purchase Wembley. The FA would retain Club Wembley, valued at £300 million. The Three Lions would continue to call the stadium…

England National Team
Rooney Rule morally wrong but a societal necessity
08:00 Friday 19th January 2018

The best person for the job. That should be the target for any organisation in any industry when they are hiring a new employee. It does not matter the role. It does not matter the person's background. It does not matter whether they…

No guts, no glory: NFL on an otherwise empty international Sunday
09:00 Monday 9th October 2017

With little of interest happening on an international break, a football fan must avoid sinking to new lows, including watching the NFL. England had already sealed its World Cup place. Nations that hadn't, such as the United States, France,…

Football can learn from its American neighbours in changing the game
13:30 Saturday 24th June 2017

The International Football Association Board (IFAB) have submitted a number of changes to laws to improve the game and encourage more attacking play. While many of the suggestions will not be acted upon, it still shows a growing intention to…

It's brown and it's egg-shaped
12:30 Monday 6th February 2017

A proper football fan's quest for revenge on an epic Super Bowl Sunday. If you've read David Blatt's excellent history on the beautiful game, The Ball is Round, you know whether it's played indoors or out, kicked, handled, or sometimes dribbled…

Huge opportunity for Football in America
22:30 Thursday 19th January 2012

Ask any American sports fan what Sunday is to them and they will immediately reply "football". Ask any English sports fan what 4pm on a Sunday is and they will tell you "Super Sunday". This weekend is no different, the NFL plays host to two…