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Premier League
No pitch designs, retrospective diving bans and grumpy F.A... what's new with the Premier League?
15:30 Saturday 12th August 2017

Mind maps litter desks, stale cups of coffee build a miniature sky-line and sweat diffuses the office as modern-day geniuses draw up new ideas for the 2017/18 Premier League. All those coloured pencils, Number One Dad/Mum mugs and abhorrent…

Premier League
Every Premier League home shirt ranked
16:00 Saturday 29th July 2017

Finally!  What you have all been waiting for: a definitive ranking of next season's Premier League home strips.  20th - Everton So, so boring. This kit belongs to the 1970s. One wonders how someone was actually commissioned to design this shirt.…

Footballing advances that utterly failed
13:30 Tuesday 23rd May 2017

If like many, you are a fan of gadgets and suchlike then you will no doubt keep a keen eye on the technological advances being introduced to football year after year. Some have been roaring successes: Goal line technology, headsets for referees…

The ever growing battle of kit sponsorship
11:42 Thursday 28th July 2016

We certainly live in an age of football where money reigns supreme. Not many weeks pass by where there isn't news of a new transfer with outstanding sums involved, or a contract extension with a serious wage hike. Even the kit manufacturers…