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12 abandoned Football League grounds
17:30 Friday 31st January 2020

The UK’s football landscape changed markedly in recent decades and not just in cultural terms. The money, media hype and pampered players all turned the game into more of a television show than a sport but the most striking…

EAFF E-1 Matchday 2 Review
03:00 Saturday 16th December 2017

North Korea vs. South Korea The early kick-off was the surreal encounter between North and South Korea. The seventh meeting in as many years was guaranteed to produce a proud game, with both nations determined to take bragging rights. South…

What exactly is the East Asian Championship?
02:30 Saturday 9th December 2017

The cultural, sometimes political hotbed of East Asia is a fascinating place. I should know; I live here now. As I found out, Asia is pretty darn big. The AFC has a difficult job governing the area’s football, especially considering that…