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League One
Raging Bull: Can Oxford United gore Manchester City?
15:01 Thursday 5th December 2019

The EFL Cup is much maligned by Premier League and Championship alike. Teams rotate. Fixtures pile up. Most involved consider it a blessing in disguise to be eliminated as soon as possible. Oxford United buck that trend in 2019. A stuttering…

Premier League
Ten-tative Manchester United
12:30 Monday 27th November 2017

Of late, I’ve been fixated on Manchester United’s need for a playmaker in a more advanced position. I thought that, in the right circumstances, Juan Mata could assume the role. That didn’t work. Now it appears Zlatan Ibrahimovic…

Why does England lack that famous Number 10?
22:24 Tuesday 30th August 2011

Now, before I start, I want you to realise by Number 10 I mean the type of player who famously fills that role, rather than the actual shirt number itself.Messi, Iniesta, Modric, Nasri, Silva, Fabregas, Ozil, Sneijder... The list goes on and…