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Premier League
Premier League road to Europe takes unexpected detour through Merseyside
08:01 Thursday 13th May 2021

When the makeup date for the postponed Manchester United/Liverpool match was announced, Premier League fans largely thought their Thursday would be about Manchester. City were poised for the title as United battled to keep it from them…

England National Team
What have we learned from Gareth Southgate's latest England selections?
21:29 Monday 22nd March 2021

As attentions turn towards this summer’s European Championships, all eyes are on England manager Gareth Southgate in regards to who he'll pick for the tournament. After reaching the semi-finals of the World Cup three…

Ollie Watkins: Brentford’s Next Big Sale?
14:31 Saturday 23rd November 2019

Brentford’s indifferent start to the season simply doesn't do justice to Ollie Watkin’s own heroics. Converted from wide playmaker to central striker by Thomas Frank, Watkins already boasts ten goals in sixteen matches…

Is Exeter City set for promotion from League Two?
09:30 Wednesday 20th September 2017

Exeter City is sitting pretty atop League Two in the early doors. Can Paul Tisdale's Grecians go the distance to claim the ultimate gift: promotion? Eight games played, seven wins, one draw. In League Two, such opening form is seldom seen.…

The capture of Ollie Watkins by Brentford FC is the best Championship transfer so far
18:31 Wednesday 19th July 2017

Brentford has conducted a shrewd bit of business in signing Ollie Watkins from Exeter City for just £1.8 million. Watkins' current talent and vast potential mean this could translate into the best deal of the Championship. Watkins…

A remarkable season for Exeter City
18:00 Tuesday 30th May 2017

Exeter City fans descended on Wembley buoyed with optimism, hardly believing they were about to watch their side compete for a place in League One. This shock does not arise from being out of place, for the Grecians boast a talented squad,…