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League One
Why Plymouth Argyle should not benefit from Bury's demise
15:00 Monday 3rd June 2019

There is something uncouth and insensitive about fans of the super-rich clubs boasting about which world stars they are going to sign with their bottomless pit of money.  Especially when there are clubs in the Football League who find…

To What Extent Is Money Killing The Beautiful Game
16:41 Sunday 10th July 2011

Whether it's watching your team play on a Saturday afternoon or having a kick about in your local park, everybody loves to see the beautiful game being played. However over the last few years it is becoming more and more common for big money…

Football Takeovers: Guaranteed Success Or Just Unneeded Intervention?
11:08 Wednesday 29th June 2011

Financial plight, potential profit and a passion to be involved in the “beautiful game” are just some of the reasons why investors may choose to takeover at a football club. The news of a clubs possible takeover bid usually brings with it an…