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Managerial News
8 managers who were in the sack by lunchtime
17:01 Friday 24th January 2020

With the managerial revolving door perpetually spinning, a football manager's job isn’t one for the long term. across the world and around the leagues, new appointments arrive on their first morning in a flurry of hope, filled…

Does Paul Gascoigne deserve a place in the Scottish Football Hall of Fame?
08:00 Wednesday 17th October 2018

Paul Gascoigne has never been far from the headlines over the past 30 years. If it wasn't someone marvelling about his talent on the field, it was another criticising his behaviour off it. Having last played professionally in…

Premier League
How has the Premier League changed in 25 years?
13:30 Tuesday 6th June 2017

Much has changed in 25 years across the entire spectrum of human life. We have high-speed internet, record collections on our phones, wafer-thin televisions and various other advances that were simply beyond the comprehension of the population…

Ross Barkley is key to England's future success
12:00 Monday 13th March 2017

With The English National side set to begin preparation for a friendly against their long time rivals Germany on March 22nd, Manager Gareth Southgate will be pondering his options and considering certain players who have been on the fringes.…

Why Kenny Sansom’s battle with Alcoholism is so important for football
18:00 Monday 23rd January 2017

Former England and Arsenal defender Kenny Sansom has lived a life that would not be familiar with too many other professionals within the game.

8 managers who spent less time incharge than Sam Allardyce
16:23 Thursday 29th September 2016

English football was thrown into turmoil on Tuesday after it emerged that ex-Three Lions coach, Sam Allardyce, appeared to be explaining how to dodge the Football Association third-party rule. The 61-year-old subsequently quit his role after…

Football is an Emotional Business but Should Communities Care if Clubs Survive?
21:04 Wednesday 21st March 2012

Just a few months ago, Darlington Football Club and 129 years of heritage were all but consigned to the history books. For a while, the supporters, players, and staff must have felt something akin to bereavement, but for me, as an outsider…

Rooney, Ferguson and Gascoigne: a wonderful concoction but a troubling statement of modern football?
23:37 Wednesday 11th January 2012

How difficult its must be to be Wayne Rooney. On reportedly £250,000 a week, not including endorsements and sponsorships, Rooney is, in my opinion, one footballer who seems to have bought or kicked his way to the right to be exempt from the…

The Very Real Issue of Mental Illness in Football
01:31 Thursday 1st December 2011

This week football lost a true gentleman. A wife lost a husband. And two children lost a father. Gary Speed's death came as a massive shock even to those with no particular affiliation to the late Wales manager. Despite being born too late…