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Life after football: What are they doing now?
14:33 Monday 13th February 2017

As many footballers will tell you; fifteen to twenty years is all you get as a career – sometimes even less – and the career options once the boots are hung up aren't all that glamorous in many cases. Here, we'll look at some players who've…

England National Team
If Aidy Boothroyd is not named England U21 boss, something is terribly wrong
13:00 Wednesday 18th January 2017

Nearly two months after confirming Gareth Southgate as the permanent head coach, officials at the FA are set to announce his heir to the U21 thrown before the end of the week. Despite receiving over 100 applications and interviewing several…

Can Blackpool Avoid "Doing A Yeovil"?
09:00 Wednesday 23rd March 2016

The remaining fixtures this season are now into the single figures and Blackpool are flirting with relegation once again. If you'd shown the Tangerine clad revellers this situation back in 2011, they wouldn't have believed you. Gracing the…

This Is My Club
Will 8 be the magic number for Blackpool?
13:03 Tuesday 15th July 2014

There have been a number of articles written this week about the goings-on, or lack of, on the Fylde Coast, Jack Critchley shares his thoughts on the goings on Blackpool and there less than swelling ranks. It wasn't long ago that Blackpool…

10 Things That We Have Learnt From The Football League Season
17:53 Thursday 29th May 2014

Another season drew to a close earlier in the week as Fleetwood Town secured their place in League One. The summer breaks allows us chance to reconvene and collect our thoughts before we kick off again on August 9th. Here are some of the conclusions…

This Is My Club
Blackpool - The Golden Mile of disappointment...
13:09 Tuesday 8th April 2014

At this present time, it's unclear which division Blackpool will start the 2014/15 season in. Yes, they are six points clear of the dreaded dropzone, but (and it is a big but...) they are in the poorest form out of any of their relegation threatened…

The Manager and the Media: Pearce Race Case
01:32 Saturday 11th February 2012

The front page of this morning's issue of ‘The Sun' carried the headline ‘England in Race Storm No2', referring to allegations made against newly appointed caretaker manager Stuart Pearce stating that he racially abused fellow ex-England international…