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Premier League
Why Richarlison has proven worth every penny for Everton
08:00 Saturday 4th May 2019

It’s not often one of the all knowing football luminaries that make up the Soccer Saturday panel admit they were wrong. So when Paul Merson conceded he’d made a mistake in regards to Richarlison, it should have piqued your…

The 12 Days of Football: Eleven Punters Punting
08:00 Tuesday 2nd January 2018

On the 11th day of football, the media gave to me eleven punters punting, Ten lads-a-leaping/Nine ladies playing/Eight managers managing, Seven sides-a-sinking/Six games amazing, Five Golden Goals!  Four calls blown/ Three French…

Soccer Saturday 2017/18: What We're All Waiting For
14:00 Thursday 10th August 2017

It's not long now before the Premier League kicks off for the 2017/18 season. As Jeff Stelling has no doubt pointed out already, the English Football League is already underway (where were you BT Sport?) but it's all about the top flight for…

Four things we won’t remember about 2016/17 Premier League season
11:00 Saturday 20th May 2017

Unless you work as a pundit or commentator, chances are you don't need to retain an enormous knowledge on football categorised by season. There are such ‘Statto' characters out there but they aren't exactly the people you want to stand around…

Arsenal's contract situation shows Arsene Wenger needs support
16:00 Monday 27th March 2017

Arsenal have a host of players whose contracts expire in the summer of 2018. Their organisational issues show that Arsene Wenger needs support.

Things We All Hate About Soccer Saturday
13:00 Wednesday 22nd February 2017

Soccer Saturday is an essential part of supporting a football club in England and without it, we would still be relying on the SkySports app for our score updates; the modern equivalent to Teletext. However, the programme is starting to get…

Premier League
Why Paul Merson owes Marco Silva an apology.
18:30 Thursday 2nd February 2017

Last night Marco Silva pulled off another tactical masterclass. His Hull City team for the second time in a week got the better of a Manchester United side worth 8x the value of his Hull squad. This has left more egg on the face of armchair…

Predicting the rest of the season
15:29 Wednesday 11th January 2017

Predicting the future is usually reserved for those who read Tarot Cards and write horoscopes but I thought I'd try my hand at guessing what's going to happen in the second half of the season. Granted, this is all guesswork but it might be…