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Premier League
Why the Premier League transfer window should still be open
12:01 Tuesday 27th August 2019

We are now two weeks and three matchdays into the Premier League season. The transfer window closed before it all began. Teams have no excuses. They know the cards they’ve been dealt. There will be no late deals that may disrupt the squad…

England fail at penalties because they are a mental, not technical, action
15:37 Thursday 6th July 2017

After England U21's lost to Germany on penalties, manager Aidy Boothroyd stated that he and his team had practised them for weeks. The issue, though, is that penalties are not a technical exercise. They are a mental one, and replicating the…

Validation for valiant Chelsea, as Champions League crowns new victors
11:08 Sunday 20th May 2012

The crème de la crème of European football has come and gone for another year. It is often said the best team of the season doesn't always find their way to the Champions League final, let alone win the title. Many pundits were labeling the…

On The Spot: Premier League Penalty Stats
20:56 Wednesday 8th February 2012

Penalties have always been an issue in football, with so many given and so many not, so many scored and so many missed. Penalties are, for many the scourge of the game, with fans all having their own points of view of what should be and what…