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Premier League
The ''Golden Solution'' is for the Premier League and FA to care about officiating
08:00 Friday 5th January 2018

A harsh call cost Arsene Wenger three points against cellar dwellers West Brom the other day. He ranted. He raved. It's Round & It's White colleague Michael Jones offered support. I have no sympathy for the Frenchman. Michael considered…

Premier League
Premier League referees: Men in the middle changes expected
16:00 Tuesday 8th March 2016

Phil Dowd blew his whistle and the 22 players left the field of play. Only one goal had been scored at The Hawthorns — by the hosts, but the West Brom faithful were not cheering. It was, after all, only half-time but Dowd never returned for…

Match Report: Manchester City 3-3 Sunderland (Sunderland Fan's Perspective)
00:24 Monday 2nd April 2012

Sunderland came within a whisker of emulating their Stamford Bridge heroics from last season – denied a double over Manchester City and their first top flight win in Manchester since 1981. City needed the victory to temporarily return to the…