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The agony of being an Arsenal fan
13:40 Wednesday 8th March 2017

Never a time in history has our darling club, Arsenal, been subjected to such ridicule as it is currently undergoing this current season. It is really pathetic to see one of England's most prestigious football clubs decline rapidly into a laughing…

Bull fighting in Dortmund
17:26 Monday 6th February 2017

Unsurprisingly German newspapers and media outlets were this weekend again filled with photos and reports of mass protests against RB Leipzig. On Saturday it was the turn of Borussia Dortmund to ‘defend tradition in football' by rallying against…

Week 4 Roundup + Lack Of Respect
03:18 Wednesday 14th September 2011

After this week's offering from the Premier League, I have started to realise that for a very general overview of the action, I could have just used a template for the first four match weeks. Something along the lines of; The Manchester sides…

Where did the protest go? Manchester United and The Green and Gold
22:11 Thursday 21st July 2011

There's an interesting concept that suggests, with the advent of Facebook, that protesting has been watered down into nothing more than a branded activity for those (“the young”) that should actually be chaining themselves to the forecourt…