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Qatar in the Copa America?
12:00 Tuesday 11th June 2019

Is there a more polarising football nation than Qatar? The appearance of corruption in their World Cup appointment, controversies surrounding labour conditions at construction sites, their unexpected success in the 2019 Asian Championship…

Qatar Earns Footballing Credentials
17:00 Sunday 3rd February 2019

It wasn’t easy to accept the Qatari bid as a justifiable destination to host the World Cup. We’re three years away from the event and the Gulf nation’s football is improving at an exponential rate, which could vindicate some…

World Cup
Can Qatar follow Russia's World Cup act?
09:30 Monday 16th July 2018

With the Iron Curtain of football complete, we can only wonder what will happen in four years’ time in Qatar?  This World Cup has been wondrous. A marvel for football, a triumph which has excited us all, especially when we're…