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Can Kevin Harper inspire greater diversity in Scottish football?
17:01 Wednesday 16th October 2019

Step inside Cliftonhill stadium and you’ll be met with an anachronism. This is the home of Albion Rovers, one of the SPFL’s lowest-ranked clubs. While the tiny ground sits less than ten miles from Celtic Park, it might as well be…

Premier League
Will Tammy Abraham emerge as Chelsea’s main striker?
19:00 Wednesday 28th August 2019

In July, Frank Lampard returned to Chelsea after five years away. The Englishman, whose managerial reputation enhanced in his debut season at Derby County, walked into a difficult situation in which the Blues’ squad required a rebuild…

Premier League
Rise in racist abuse should concern all
09:30 Friday 9th February 2018

Earlier this season, Romelu Lukaku was the recipient of racist chanting from his own supporters. Since that incident, Kick It Out, the organisation at the forefront of tackling racism in football has revealed some alarming statistics. …

Book Review - Grandad - What was football like in the 1970's?
12:38 Sunday 23rd July 2017

The Grandad in question is author Richard Crooks. Crooks is a Sheffield Wednesday fan, a passion passed down from generation to generation. His Grandson, Charlie, 8, is the latest in this line of 'Wednesdayites', despite, being Surrey based,…

Racism rearing its ugly head in football once again
14:15 Tuesday 21st February 2017

The 'kick it out' campaign in Football has often been endorsed by some of the biggest names in the game and has had a great effect in many different Leagues across the globe with racism being squashed and dealt with at many levels, even though…

Pressure For 'Rooney Rule' Mounts On English Football
13:08 Monday 6th October 2014

English football is in a time warp. While the first black player to play for the full national team was Viv Anderson in the late 70's, almost 40 years on can we really imagine a black man managing our national team, or even any of our top club…

Appointment Of Terry Connor Tops Off A Good Week For Equality In Football
01:10 Saturday 25th February 2012

The decision by Wolves to replace Mick McCarthy with his former assistant Terry Connor on a caretaker basis until the end of the season was met with a distinct air of derision and ridicule this morning, in light of Wolves' failed attempts in…

Round Up Of The Weeks Football News
16:01 Tuesday 14th February 2012

Fabio Capello Resigns as England Manager: Well the biggest shock of the week was by far Fabio Capello resigning as England National team manager. It was reported in the press that the relationship between Capello and the FA was on the rocks…

How Could The Suarez Saga Been Shorter?
23:29 Monday 13th February 2012

As Liverpool FC finally take the first small steps to do what they should have done months ago – to attempt to withdraw from an unwinnable battle with a trace of dignity – one uncomfortable truth emerges from the battered landscape of this…

Match Report: Manchester United 2-1 Liverpool (Liverpool Fan's Perspective)
01:31 Sunday 12th February 2012
By Andy

With all the pre-match build up in the media you would have easily been mistaken for thinking this was Patrice Evra versus Luis Suarez with all the antics that have gone on there was also a small matter of Manchester United vs. Liverpool. But…

Prejudice In Football: Racism
16:35 Saturday 4th February 2012

Recent events have highlighted the overwhelming problems British football has with prejudice and discrimination. In the first of a series of blogs, I will begin by looking at the recent racism events within British football.The whole high profile…

Race For The Title.
00:44 Sunday 15th January 2012

Watching the goings on at Anfield over the past few weeks has been fascinating. Undoubtedly under the new ownership there has been renewed belief and a genuine optimism of success this season, if not then definitely next season. However this…

Passion Or Problem?
13:11 Friday 13th January 2012

Passion can't be reined in. It can't be limited. It can't be apologetic. Passion is what football thrives on and without it where would we be? If you don't care, why bother?Racism, bad-tackling, abuse: these aren't issues just in football,…

Racism in Football
00:44 Sunday 8th January 2012

With all the allegations of racism against various high profile players,I begin to wonder what has happened to our beautiful game? Surely in this day and age, where racism has no place in society in should have no place in our sport. Maybe…

Has racism found its way back into football?
11:35 Friday 6th January 2012

We've seen it all over the news recently. Don't say you haven't. And it's not a good sight for English football, especially with a high profile event in 'the Olympics' coming up. I am indeed talking about racism.There have been several instances…