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Premier League
Sander Berge's acquisition shows Sheffield United's ambition
10:02 Sunday 16th February 2020

Sheffield United has suddenly become a household name in the 'threat to the big six' category in the Premier League. They are placed fifth in the table with 39 points, having played one game more than Chelsea, Tottenham Hotspur,…

Premier League
3 promoted Premier League teams; 3 transfer policies
09:00 Thursday 25th July 2019

There’s a reason the Premier League is widely regarded as the most competitive in the world. The depth of competition thanks to its nearly equal distribution of television revenue makes for very few minnows and more upsets than most…

Premier League
Can Ravel Morrison take advantage of Sheffield United chance?
09:00 Sunday 21st July 2019

Ravel Morrison's career didn't follow the path anyone envisioned. Attitude issues and sub-par performances exiled him to lesser leagues in several countries. The former Manchester United youth star burned bridges everywhere he went.…

6 actual fairy-tale careers in football
09:30 Wednesday 4th October 2017

Once upon a time, a sportswriter invented a metaphor. How unique to describe someone's career as fairy-tale, he thought. These days, not so much. Apologies to fellow IRAIW writer Harry Mail, who a) has a name right out of a fairy tale and b)…

How on earth did Ravel Morrison end up in Mexico?
10:00 Sunday 3rd September 2017

Ravel Morrison now finds himself in the Mexican League's depths, with Atlas FC. What exactly went wrong for one of England's most prodigious talents.  Morrison is striving to salvage his crippled, peripatetic career.

England U20 Squad: The Premier League will be to blame if the talent is squandered
18:16 Monday 12th June 2017

England U20 Squad won the World Cup final on Sunday in South Korea. But the talent in the squad will likely be squandered once more and the Premier League is where the blame will lie. The England U20 Squad lifted the World Cup trophy on Sunday,…

Top 5 players who wasted their talent
13:00 Sunday 29th January 2017

We all know that the amount of highly rated young players being churned out by various academies across the countries is astonishing. Clubs in England have an excellent record of developing young players, as do many countries around the world.…

One Last Chance for Ravel?
14:15 Wednesday 16th November 2016

His talent on the pitch was unquestionable, described by Sir Alex Ferguson as a 17-year old as ‘The best player I have seen at his age.' A compliment that would send shivers down any average 17-year old's spine, said by such a worshipped and…

Ravel Morrison: A Risk Worth Taking?
00:12 Friday 3rd February 2012

The 2012 January transfer window was nothing compared to what we saw last year. Twelve months ago, we witnessed a transfer window of exuberance and more liberal spending. This recent window was a window of prudence and frugality. Despite no big…