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Premier League
What should the Premier League do?
08:00 Monday 16th March 2020

The country, heck, the world seems a stranger place than it did 72 hours ago. From over-filling your trolly with loo rolls and pasta, to a lack of football over the weekend, coronavirus is wreaking havoc. Premier League activities have…

Premier League
Why the FA's transfer window dilly-dallying highlights underlying problems
19:00 Monday 10th February 2020

Association football is a game of small margins, particularly at the highest level. Competing on an even keel is detrimental to success in the long-term, which is why many were left scratching their heads when the Football Association decided…

Premier League
Did the Premier League predict Brexit?
09:30 Wednesday 1st March 2017

Once upon a time, not too long ago, I began a story about watching the Super Bowl by referencing David Goldblatt's wonderful football history, The Ball Is Round. If you didn't immediately reach for your credit card to purchase the book, you…

England National Team
More action for "unacceptable behaviour"
09:30 Friday 22nd July 2016

New rules have been imposed to reduce "intolerable behaviour" from both players and coaches within the English game as The FA, Premier League and the English Football League all agreed poor conduct has reached unacceptable levels. From the…

Help me, Sports Minister; you're my only hope
13:41 Wednesday 20th July 2011

Premier League Chief Executive Richard Scudamore in the Telegraph today:"Some would have that football in England is somehow broken, irreparably damaged and in need of saving. That is an analysis of the game to which I cannot subscribe.”In…