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West Brom 4-2 Cardiff City (Cardiff Fan's Perspective)
20:34 Tuesday 10th January 2012

I watched this game from the comfort of the padded seats in the directors box. The odd thing was that I was surrounded by Cardiff fans. There was a jobsworthy female steward who kept giving us evil eyes whenever we cheered a Cardiff goal/chance,…

Cardiff City: the overestimated expectation of the new blues
18:56 Saturday 6th August 2011

It seems all I've heard from the Bluebirds camp this summer are players and staff who are purposefully talking down expectations for the upcoming season. Mackay, Earnshaw, and Cowie have all given press interviews with similar themes:Robert…

The East Midlands Rivalry - A 3 Way Battle For Local Pride
19:18 Sunday 31st July 2011

The Derby match. It's the first match you look for when the fixtures get announced ahead of the new season. It's your club's cup final that comes around twice a year. It's the bragging rights. It's the local pride. It's the game where you find…

Forest and McClaren need to get moving, and fast!
21:10 Friday 8th July 2011

It is almost a month since Steve McClaren took over at the City Ground and in that time, there hasn't been much in the terms of genuine progress. Now, I'm not a downbeat, pessimistic fan. When we hit the poor form, I still believed we would…