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Managerial News
Arsene Wenger’s Arsenal career: a game of two halves
17:00 Thursday 26th April 2018

Arsene who? Those were the headlines in 1996 when Arsenal appointed a relatively unknown Frenchman as manager. Arsene Wenger had earned a reputation as an astute tactician while at Monaco. He then went off the radar coaching in Japan’s…

Premier League players: We won't see anything like them again
10:00 Friday 5th May 2017

The Premier League has seen some of the best and worst players of all time but it's safe to say that, in some cases, we'll never see their like again. Week in, week out; we are treated to some superb showings from great players and awful performances…

Stats prove Arsenal is better off without Alexis Sanchez
13:00 Saturday 11th March 2017

Some call him indispensable; others describe him as irreplaceable, but is Alexis Sanchez truly the messiah many Arsenal fans has portrayed him to be? A lot has been said about Sanchez's class and overall contributions since moving to the Emirates…

The Impact of One: The Signing of Thierry Henry Among Others
03:29 Wednesday 4th January 2012

It's simple, isn't it? One player can change a club from top to bottom. It never ceases to amaze me how one player, one coach, one person can either raise the spirits of a squad, or diminish it just by simply being. There have been prime examples…